Infinite detachment, infinite intimacy


Also, in exploring headlessness, I find the sense of infinite detachment, and infinite intimacy.

Infinite detachment

Finding myself as capacity for the world, as awakeness and everything arising within and to awakeness, there is a freedom from whatever arises. There is no sense of an I anywhere in particular in the world of form. It is just one seamless field arising within and as awakeness.

More precisely, there is really just a disidentification with anything in particular arising.

The whole field is the I without an Other, and any sense of I and Other is clearly seen as a pure fabrication, what arises when the seamless field of awakeness and its forms is filtered through a belief in a separate I and a sense of I and Other.

Infinite intimacy

At the same time, there is a sense of infinite intimacy with everything arising. What is arising is no other than the wakefulness without a center and without an Other. It is all the I without an Other.

What arises is infinitely distant, in the sense of disidentified with, and it is infinitely close, in the sense of no separation.

Free from distance

And really, it is none of those. There is no distance because it is all the awakeness, the I without and Other. Distance depends on a sense of I and Other, and that is exactly what falls away, revealed as only a temporary fabrication, a temporary filter.

Selfless, timeless, spaceless

The field of awake emptiness and form is inherently absent of I and Other, of time and space. It is selfless, timeless, spaceless.

At the same time, it arises as an infinite diversity of forms unfolding in space and time, and it arises to itself as I & Other, and as time & space… and this is either taken as all there is, or just a practical way of orienting for our human self.

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