Inquiry: People shouldn’t eat popcorn while watching movies


Statement: People shouldn’t eat popcorn while watching movies.

  1. True?
    Yes. Feels true sometimes.
  2. Sure?
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I get annoyed when people eat popcorn while watching movies.
    • I find reasons why they shouldn’t: It is disrespectful to others watching the movie. It is disrespectful to the movie makers. If they are hungry and want to eat, why not do it before or after the movie? (I do.) It is distracting from the movie, making it into mindless entertainment more than anything else. It makes it difficult for me to get completely absorbed into the movie, which is the main reason for me to go. (To deeply feel the movie in myself.)
    • What am I not able to appreciate because of the belief? The movie. The shared experience, watching it with others. Their enjoyment of it. My enjoyment of it.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    Receptive. Taking in the whole situation. Appreciating the field as it is, independent of people eating popcorn or not. Widening my embrace to include the whole situation, not only the movie.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • People should eat popcorn while watching movies. Yes. It is a tradition, in the US at least. They’re just doing what others are doing. Also, it apparently gives them something extra to eat popcorn while watching movies. The movie theater make more money on it. And it gives me an opportunity to see where I am stuck, rigidly holding onto an exclusive belief and identity.
    • I shouldn’t eat popcorn while watching movies. Right. I don’t in a literal sense, because it is too distracting for me. Also, I shouldn’t get all caught up in other people eating, because that too is distracting for me.
    • I should eat popcorn while watching movies. Could be interesting. It would certainly shift my behavior outside of my usual identity. I would have to become like them, in my own mind. The boundary will break down.

Three months later, revisiting the turnaround of they should eat popcorn:

  • It gives them something to eat popcorn while watching the movie. It enriches the experience for them.
  • Many shares popcorn while watching a movie, which is an act of love. It is an expression of the beauty of their relationship, and deepens it as well.
  • It is just another element in what is going on at this side of the screen. Just another element of the atmosphere. Of life on this side of the screen.
  • It is part of the five sense fields, part of the field of what is happening. And it is happening on its own. A guest. Living its own life, on its own schedule.
  • It helps me notice and look into my hangups around this. It invites me to fully allow the experience, and to inquire into my beliefs around it.

Why is it better that they eat popcorn.

  • As an expression of love. A way for them to enrich their experience. A way for me to notice my hangups.

If the universe is a friendly place, why should they eat popcorn.

  • As an expression of love. As an expression of pure innocence. (Innocence in the infinite causes leading to it. Innocence in the actions. Innocence in beliefs leading to it, if any. Innocence in whatever fear and love may be behind it. Innocence in what it triggers for me.) As a gentle way for me to notice my fixed viewpoint and identity around this. (It could have been far less gentle.)

Coming back to it now, more than three months later, I see how my mind, heart and feelings are more receptive to find more turnarounds, and more genuine turnarounds. The first inquiry opened the door slightly, and over time, allowed the door to open wider.

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2 thoughts to “Inquiry: People shouldn’t eat popcorn while watching movies”

  1. hey
    who ever that spoke about the popcorn situation io think that you are so right ,,, yes it does get really gets really tiring of hearing people chewing and smaking thier lips on the popcorn while someone else watchin g a movie ,,,,,,, you are so right stand for what you belive .

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