How things are currently for me, at the boundary of awakeness noticing itself and a sense of an I with an Other…

There is no, or very little, sense of inside and outside, which is how it has been since the initial awakening.

All is noticed as awakeness, although a few things appear a little more dense as long as I don’t look closer. Mainly, these are the sensations that serve as an anchor for beliefs and a sense of an I with an Other. (A few smaller sensation regions in the neck/head area.)

There is a sense of center and periphery, which is a clear indication of an identification with a sense of an I with an Other.

So… No inside and outside. All as awakeness. All as a field of awakeness and its content, which is no other than awakeness itself.

And also some parts that appear denser, such as the sensations in the neck/head area serving as anchors for beliefs and a sense of an I with an Other. A sense of center, located in/around this human self, and periphery.

I also get caught up in beliefs now and then. I go into them to experience how it is, to notice them, identify them and inquire into them, see them as just thoughts, allow the whole experience of it, and notice how it is when identification is released out of it.

This boundary zone is quite fertile, an overlap of how it is when there is a sense of I with an Other, when awakeness noticed itself, and the shifts between the two.

And it is all awakeness, noticing itself or not, getting caught up in and identified with its own content or not.

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