I am reminded of how useful visualizations as a tool can be.

I use it to invite my human self to reorganize and realign with a specific intention, and most often it is something quite simple, such as waking up at a specific time. When I go to bed the night before, I visualize waking and getting up at a specific time, refreshed and clear, allowing myself to feel it and make it come alive for me as I visualize, and it works well most days.

Other times, it could be to invite my human self to realign with particular practices, such as doing sitting practice more regularly, physical exercise, or an adjustment of diet. Or it could be to invite in a more open heart, deepening of the human self, or even awakening.

In each case, the visualization – when felt and alive – seems to help my human self reorganize with an intention, and it seems to lower the threshold for it actually happening.

Of course, everything else stays the same. I still set the alarm clock, I put whatever I want to do on my list for the day, I create a situation that makes it more likely for me to do it, I may ask for help and support in doing it (maybe just having my partner remind me), or anything else that seems helpful.

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