Lack and sense of wholeness


A good post from Vince about taking responsibility.

A few things coming up for me, as usual in a quick skeleton version:

First, in a very practical sense, a few of the things we can take responsibility for:

  • Inviting in healing, maturing and development of this human self. Exploring who we are.
  • How we relate to what is happening, in the wider world and for our human self.
  • The long-term & far-reaching social/ecological effects of the actions of this human self. (By noticing feedback, and learning about sustainability and socially responsible choices.)
    • Noticing what we are.

    Then some of the dynamics behind it:

    • When we take ourselves to be an I with an Other, there is automatically a sense of lack, of being a victim of the wider world, and of neediness.
    • The more we embrace the evolving wholeness of who we are, as a human being, the less sense of lack, being a victim, and of neediness. (The less projections.)
    • Even then, as long as there is that basic sense of an I with an Other, there will continue to be a sense of something missing, and at least traces of being a victim and neediness.

    Some practical ways of working with it:

    • Notice when I am not taking responsibility by its signs, which are the signs of projections in general: Blame. Judgment. Escape. Reactiveness. Tension. Stress.
    • Take responsibility for fully allowing experience. (Release identification out of resistance, running/pushing away)
    • Take responsibility for my stories, investigate, find clarity.

    And finally, what appears as victim mode and neediness is really just confusion. And what appears as responsibility (when it is not an imitation, acting from a “should”) comes from simple clarity.

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