Inquiry: They shouldn’t reject the Big Mind process.


Statement: They shouldn’t reject the Big Mind process. (CSS)

  1. True?
    Feels true. I can find stories saying it is true. I can find others supporting those stories.
  2. Sure?
    No. Feelings, stories and others won’t make it true.
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I reject them, in my mind.
    • I collect examples of how they are wrong.
      • They include quantum physics b/c it is aligned with the insights of the mystics. Yet they reject the Universe Story b/c it is not. This makes no sense to me. The science of the very big and the very small are both next door to the insights of the mystics. Both invites a shift into Big Mind, quantum physics from the emptiness side and the Universe Story from the fullness side. In some ways, the universe story even have some advantages over quantum physics, since very practical and sound ethics come out of it as well.
      • They reject the Big Mind process. They see it as (a) something that is meant to “integrate the human and Big Mind” and (b) as “instant enlightenment”, both of which are patently absurd. Even on the surface of it, it is clear that the Big Mind process shows that there is no “I” to be found anywhere, invites healing at the human level (and release of emotional attachments), and a pointer to what practice is about (Big Mind awakening to itself.) The Big Mind process is nothing else than comprehensive and simple inquiry. It is Ramana Maharshi’s “What am I?” practice, used in a very comprehensive way, and pointing out instructions almost identical to what is found in Dzogchen and other traditions.
    • In reality, all that has happened is that they refused several (all!) of my donations to the library, including several Big Mind DVDs and Universe Story DVDs and books. They said these resources are not aligned with the mission of the center, and I interpret it as a rejection of the Big Mind process and the Universe Story. (And me!) Joel also regularly put down practices created by contemporary teachers that “integrate the human and Big Mind” and promises “instant enlightenment”, and did so in his talk the Sunday after my donations were rejected, so I make up a story of how that is a put-down of the Big Mind process.
    • I feel hurt. Rejected. That I don’t belong there. Misunderstood. I distance myself from them, mentally and sometimes physically. I don’t get as involved as I would otherwise. I don’t trust them.
  4. Who would I be without it?
    • Curious. Why do they emphasize and include quantum physics, yet actively reject the Universe Story, when both come from good science, both are next door to the insights of the mystics, and both invite a shift into Big Mind? I would be interested in, and excited about discovering, what I am missing here.
    • At peace. Sense of belonging wherever I am, even if the group I am with has a different focus than what is alive for me.
    • Free to leave, if the group doesn’t offer the nourishment and insights I am looking for.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • They should reject the Big Mind process.
      • Well, it is obviously true for them, and they probably have – in their own mind – good reasons for doing so. (Although I am not sure what they are.)
      • It helps me see my own attachments to it, and inquiry into them as I do here.
      • It invites me see the downsides or weaknesses of the Big Mind process.
    • I shouldn’t reject the Big Mind process.
      • Yes, that is true. The advice is for me. I am the one who shouldn’t reject it. What they do is their business.
    • I shouldn’t reject them.
      • Also true. I shouldn’t reject them just because they reject the Big Mind process and the Universe Story. They may still have valuable things to offer. And even if they didn’t, I could choose to leave the group without rejecting them (putting them down) in my own mind. I can find peace with it, through inquiry and the increased clarity that comes with it.

Trigger: Having my Big Mind and Universe Story donations to the Center for Sacred Sciences library rejected, with the explanation that they are not aligned with what they are about.

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