Dream: Friendly lion


A lion has escaped. It is one that I know well, and it seeks me out and is very friendly and playful. I am a little concerned at first, but then realize it is all OK.

Day residue: I was in Ashland this weekend, noticing the banners of a golden lion on a red background. (or the Shakespeare festival, I assume.) I mentioned to Jen that the banner is similar to the coat of arms of Norway. There was also a toy store we walked by a few times with lots of stuffed lions and lion books in the display window.

I did a inquiry the night before this dream related to befriending passion again.

Before the dark night, there was a great deal of passion, but also a slight identification with it. Then, during the dark night, passion went away and it was a painful process since I had identified with it and resisted it going away. Since then, there has been some fear around allowing passion fully, especially as strongly as before.

There is a sense of having been “burnt” by passion, although the only thing that burnt me was identification with it and resisting it going away. And even that was really more of a “burning away” of that identification. 

(On a side-note:  During the dark night, passion took the form of pressure – “too much pressure” – while I felt my passion was lost. Now, it comes back as passion, in a more relaxed way and with more space around it.)

The lion has a relaxed strength, usually calm but also fiery when needed. It had been caged up but was now free. And although I was a little concerned at first, it turned out to be very friendly.

Update: A few days after this dream, I watched a movie where one of the characters told the story of Androcles and the Lion. It is in essence the same story as my dream, although I didn’t realize it until after I had watched the movie. There are apparently current retellings of the story (“Andy and the lion”) which are even closer to the dream. 

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3 thoughts on “Dream: Friendly lion

  1. I just woke up. I googled the meaning of a friendly lion, and it led me here. In my dream it was loose, and I was hiding in a downtown hole in the wall bar. I didn’t know anyone there. I feared the lion so much that I slammed his paws in the door with great passion. He still got in. He roared in my face and I noticed he had no teeth. I think he even talked to me and said, “see, nothing to worry about.” from that point on I befriended him and cooked food for him and he laid at my feet while I pet him. In my life- I just went through a serious separation with my husband. We are now back together; I just moved back in. In my career, which I’ve started again after a year and a half, I am taking major steps to success, climbing higher than I have before. I see the relation in the dream to real life.. But is there something else I’m missing?

  2. Yes, the dream may reflect that you are befriending your power 🙂 You could go back to the dream (replay it in your imagination) and ask the lion, have a conversation with it. You may be surprised what comes out of it.

  3. lately i have been having vivid dreams that include animals. From a dead fox, mangie dog, bob cat and tiger, a restaraunt that was trying to force me to eat a tiger and now the lion. I remember all of them lk yesterday. This time, I was a substitute teacher in a class. There was like a festival going on in the halls. This male Lion followed me to the class. He kept coming into the class. He wanting to play and cuddle. Not scary at all and no one else was scared. The class was facinated. Everytime i wld close the door he would come in thru the other door. Finally i closed both doors and he cldnt come in. Then for some reason thr was a bearded dragon on the wall. It could fly. It was irritating but harmless. Finally class was over and the Lion was waiting for me after class to walk with me. Then he turns into a 3 yr old little boy and grabs my hand.

    WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD but so vivid

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