Dream: reuse in the bay area


There is an group of smaller bays just north of San Francisco used for processing the waste from San Francisco. I vist on bay where they process used clothes. Large plastic bags with used clothes are dropped in the water, and a whole community of people gather them up, sort and ship it off to where it can be reused. The area is lush, green and beautiful, and the community is a little town nestled in a hillside. I am slightly ambivalent at first, seeing the people as grimy and wrinkled, but my perception of them changes. I am attracted to the closeness of the community. It seems to be a naturally well functioning intentional community.

Day residue: I watched a Mr. Monk episode last night where the geography of the bay area played a part, and they showed a map of the area. The sense of geography in the dream matched the map. I also recently returned from spending two weeks in the bay area. And I bought some used clothes yesterday.

The dream also have some of the qualities of the future eco-oriented society described in Pacific Edge by Kim Stanley Robinson, which I read a few years back. A society organized so there is no waste, where waste is food for another process.

The dream was vivid and real, with bright colors and all the senses engaged. 

In the dream, and after waking up from it, there was a strong sense of it mirroring an inner recylcing/reuse process. Even that which appears as “waste” – such as beliefs, knots, hangups – is found to have value. Through allowing experience, inquiring into stories and exploring them in many other ways, beliefs and their effects are revealed as gold.

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