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Mike Snider

I listened to a talk by Mike Snider on our trip over the mountains this weekend, and really enojyed what he had to say. He is clear, to the point, and warm and easygoing as well.

He also clarified a question that has come up for me lately, or rather confirmed a suspicion I had.

In the unity state, there is a clear recognition of all as God (or awareness, the infinite, Spirit or whatever we choose to call it.) All is God, yet there is a “me” (or rather an “I”) here that is aware of all as God, so it is not finished. That has been my experinece for quite a while, puncutated by shifts into Ground awakening which then shifts back into unity. (And also out of unity during the dark night phase.)

What he clarified is that – in his case at least, and probably for many – the sense of me comes back, it is just recognized clearly as the infinite. That too is the play of the infinite, and there is no problem there.

(It may be that when this me-sense comes back initially, or maybe the first few times, it is easy to get tripped up by it. To go into beliefs and should around it again. But after a while, and if we are clear enough the first time, there is just a clear recognition of it as Ground itself.)

One way I explore this for myself is to notice that the “I” gestalt is awareness too, nothing different from anything else arising. I can also investigate this more in detail through how it shows up in each of the sense fields, and how the gestalt is put together from sensations and mental field. (In the head area.) And I can notice the experience of an “I” and then fully allow it, even welcome and appreciate it as it is, as I would if I knew it would hang around forever. That too is just the play of Ground, as anything else.

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