Fascination with doomsday scenarios


It is always fascinating to me to hear what others are facilitated by, and then find it in myself. We went to a potluck tonight, and the topic – for a while – were different doomsday scenarios. Economic collapse. Collapse of the US empire. Ecological collapse. And so on.

How likely is it that disaster will strike at a collective level? What are the ways it may happen? What are the dynamics leading up to it? How may it unfold? How serious may it be? What can we do? How will it impact us? How can we prepare?

The first thing I find when I look at this for myself is that any emotional fascination (draw, attachment) I may have towards doomsday scenarios is proportional to the extent I resist certain emotions in daily life. If I resist experiencing fear, terror, dread, anger and so on in daily life, there is an emotional component to imagining and exploring doomsday scenarios, and also an emotional fascination with it – whether I seek it out or try to avoid it, or do both.

Likewise, if I allow, welcome and am with those emotions, in a kindhearted way, there is a release of the charge around them. They are welcomed, as they are, for what they are, even if they would stay forever. They are seen. Felt. Loved. And as the charge around them is released, the emotional draw and fascination with doomsday scenarios goes out as well.

What is left is more clarity. A choice to explore these scenarios or not, depending on what seems appropriate and useful in the situation. And a very practical approach if I chose to explore them. It boils down to what can I do, and how? And stays at the practical.

At least for now, it means that I don’t take it very far. I make sure we stock up with food and water enough for a week or two, as is recommended in case of earthquakes or similar. I make sure we have earthquake insurance. (Which we do.) We put our money in a high-interest account in Norway instead of in the US stock market. I follow the usual precautions when I go hiking and backpack. And that is about it.

(There are of course many other ways to look at emotional fascination with doomsday scenarios. It certainly has an evolutionary function, so we are biologically predisposed towards it. It is related to certain beliefs, which I can identify and inquire into. (I need to stay alive. Something terrible will happen. Something terrible can happen.) There are inner demons there that can be fed. There is information there that I can find through voice dialog. There is an energy behind it that I can pick up and bring into daily life in an exiting and constructive way. And so on.)

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