Some layers and aspects of experience…

Beliefs (identification with stories and identities) and effects of beliefs… Resistance to experience. Reactivity. Rigid views. Closed heart. Tension. Stress. These are all tendencies in that direction, depending on how strongly the belief is held, and how much friction there is between the belief and life.

Noticing the symptoms of beliefs, including the ones listed above. Find the belief. Inquire into it. Find what is more true for me than the initial belief. (The Work.) 

Allowing experience. Meeting it, as it is, as if it would never change. A shift into what already allows experience. A shift out of identifications. (Can I be with what I am experiencing? Choiceless awareness.) 

Appreciation for whatever is happening. Appreciation for it, as it is. For how it invites us to grow and wake up. For it as existence. As awakeness itself. (Gratitude practice. Inquiry. Prayer. Tong len.)

Inviting in curiosity and innocence. Taking thoughts as questions, as an invitation to explore. And from a recognition that I don’t know, innocence. Receptivity. 

A quiet joy inherent in experience itself, independent of its content. (Not sure how to describe this better, but have been with me for as long as I can remember, no matter the content of experience.) 

A noticing of whatever happening as awakeness itself. As awakeness temporarily taking a form. Insubstantial. Empty. Awake. Form. (Can explore through the sense fields.)  

And then the practical aspects. Using stories as temporary guides for action in the world. Use best judgment, experience, insight, energies from emotions, knowledge, heart – whatever is available – in a way that seems appropriate in the situation. Meeting people where they are. Staying receptive to feedback. Learning. Modifying. (All of this is often quite close to conventional views and advice.) 

It is all very simple. Naive in many ways. Yet something that can deeply transform how we live, and release identification out of content of experience. 

Initial outline…

  • beliefs
    • resistance, and what comes from that
    • reactivity, rigidity, closed heart 
  • allowing
  • appreciation, gratitude
    • for what it is, as it is
    • for how invite to grow/wake up
  • quiet joy in experience itself
  • all as awakeness
  • practical
    • use stories as guides for action in the world
    • use best judgment, experience, insight, knowledge, heart – whatever is available (in conventional sense)
    • act from whatever kindness + insight is available
    • use the energy if appropriate (energy behind emotions etc)

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