Big Mind process as inquiry and pointing out instructions


I have seen a couple of teachers who have less than favorable things to say about the Big Mind process. One sees it as a scam, promising instant enlightenment. Another, as aiming at “integration” when all is already the play of emptiness.

But really, it seems quite simple…

The Big Mind process can be seen as just another flavor of two time-honored traditions.

It is a form of inquiry. An especially thorough and flexible form of inquiry.

And it is a form of pointing out instructions. Of inviting us all to notice here & now what we already are.

As inquiry, it helps us recognize that there is no “I” inherent in anything of what we may take ourselves to be. And we get to explore any number of dynamics or aspects of who and what we are, including the traditional ones from Buddhism (impermanence, no self, emptiness, big heart) and psychology (resistance, denial, shadow, lop-sided identities).

As a pointing out instruction, it gives us a taste of what we are. A hint. A temporary thinning of the veils. It invites us to let go of less helpful (and realistic) ideas about the aim of practice, and makes it easier for what we are to notice itself – at least to some extent – in daily life.

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