Another of these helpful orientations is generosity. 

A generosity of view. Recognizing stories as questions, as temporary guides only. Receptivity to find the validity in any story, especially if someone holds it as true for them. Receptivity to find in myself what I see in others. And the ultimate generosity of liberating thoughts from identification. 

A generosity of heart. A quiet kindness that includes myself and others.  Receptivity to find myself in someone else. A wide sense of us. Appreciation. Gratitude. 

A generosity of belly. Inviting in a nurturing fullness, a felt sense of basic security, that supports a generosity of heart and view.

A generosity of life. Living a life for the whole. A generosity of allowing identification with stories and identities to fall away, leaving life itself without a center. 

Generosity, in all its different flavors, is one of the fruits of growing up and waking up. It is the fruit of maturity itself, and the fruit of a relatively mature human self functioning within awakening. 

And I can invite in a generosity of view through different forms of inquiry. A generosity of heart through heart centered practices. A generosity of belly through body-inclusive practices. 

Initial outline…

  • generosity
    • view
      • receptive, see thoughts as temporary guides only
      • liberate thoughts from identification
      • inquiry
      • find in myself what see in others (less shadow projection, more generosity)
    • heart
      • open, recognition, sense of us
      • heart practice, gratitude
    • belly
    • nurturing fullness 
    • comes over time… body+heart+view work
  • life
    • good life for the larger whole (myself included)
  • sign of growing + waking up

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