A felt sense of all as God


Of the many flavors of awakening, here are three that are especially interesting to me…

To see all as God…. Recognize in immediate awareness all as awareness itself, as no thing appearing as something. And then let go of even that, leaving only the mystery. This helps reorganize and realign the view, so it is more fluid, less identification with specific perspectives and identities, easier to recognize the truth in any story, and easier to recognize stories as having temporary and limited practical value in specific situations only.

To love all as God…. An open heart that leaves nothing out, because it is all God. This helps reorganize and realign the heart to stay open, and makes it easier to shift into it if it is not.

To feel all as God… A felt-sense, in the body, of all as God. This helps reorganize and realign emotions, from reactivity to a sense of fullness and nurturing support, and also reflecting a basic felt-sense trust in what is, whatever it is.

I received an email from Mike S. (sent him an appreciation note) where he emphasizes recognizing all as ME. I initially thought I knew it already (a sure sign I don’t, of course), and then as days and weeks went by realized he said exactly what I needed to hear. What seems most helpful for me right now is to shift into a felt sense of all as me. It is a slight adjustment of a felt-sense of all as God. It is more intimate.

A felt sense of all as me is a felt sense of the world as I without an Other, where a felt sense of all as God is slightly more impersonal. (Still wonderful and immensely helpful, of course.)

And just as in the Big Mind process, it is possible to invite in a shift into a felt-sense of all as God. It may not be as full blown as it can be when it happens on its own and with the volume turned way up (as happened with Adyashanti for instance), but it is still helpful.

It helps our human self reorganize and realign within this felt sense of all as God, shifting out of (being caught up in) emotional reactivity and fear and into a full, soft, nurturing felt sense of all as God – as what is, as it is.

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