All stories translate to “God”


Stories are tools for our human self to orient and function in the world. When they are functional, and align with our other stories, we sometimes call them “true”. But even in a conventional sense, we cannot know if any story is really true. In fact, we can assume they are not. There will always be other stories that may make more sense to us, and be more functional than the ones we are familiar with.

So in a conventional sense, there is no truth to them.

And looking a little more closely, we may find that what they describe are appearances only, no thing appearing as something, the play of God.

All stories, no matter their content, really say one thing, and that is “God”.

That is the real universal translator. Any story > God.

I say, I want pistachio ice cream, and what I am saying is “God”. He did a good job > God. The cat sleeps > God.

It is God appearing as someone wanting ice cream. As someone doing a good job. As a cat sleeping.

What each part of those sentences refer to is God.


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Or, stories are true and not. And when differentiated, we see that stories are true only in a conventional and practical sense. They are tools to help our human self orient and function in the world. And yet, they have no real truth to them whatsoever. We cannot know they are true, even in a conventional sense. And what they describe is, at most, appearances, no thing appearing as something, the play of God. All stories, no matter what they say, really say “God”.

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