In exploring my own beliefs, I find over and over that there is a sincerity and innocence there. And finding it in myself allows me to recognize the same in others.

Whenever there is a belief – independent of how it looks when it is expressed – there is a touching and beautiful sincerity and innocence there. A sincerity in following the belief and acting as if it is true. And a sincerity in defending it.

After all, whenever there is a belief there is an identification with a story, and a sense of a separate I getting its identity from that story, so it is only an act of love and compassion to defend it.

Attaching to a story – any story – comes more immediately from fear. It is a way to feel a little more safe, at least on the surface. And behind that is love, and act of love to protect that sense of a separate I and its circle of us.

It is beautiful, and appreciation for the sincerity in it inevitably comes up.

And this can of course easily co-exist with any conventional takes on what is happening, including intervening whenever I or someone else is caught up in a belief, and it is causing suffering for others.

It is actually easier to intervene coming from that appreciation of sincerity and innocence. To the extent the innocence is recognized, there is less or no opposition and instead clarity and kindness.


Inititial outline…

  • sincere in our actions
    • sincere in following beliefs
    • sincere in acting as if they are true
    • sincere in defending them
    • beautiful to notice, can appreciate the sincerity in it
    • and also do whatever else seems appropriate, as would otherwise, especially if seems harmful to others

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