Stitching together


This is a common observation: the awakening process seems to stitch together what and who we are.

It brings what we are into the foreground, maybe first as a glimpse or not completely clear. Then our human self into the foreground, allowing it to reorganize within this new context. Then back to what we are, maybe in a more clear way. Then back to our human self for more realignment and reorganization. And so on. Often, the dips into the human self can be quite tough since what needs to reorganize is everything, including the shadow, and every last belief and identification eventually needs to go, often through being worn out through the grittiness of daily life. The more resistance, the tougher it may seem.

It is not always like this, of course. At times, both may be there at once and there is not the sense of shuttle going back and forth. And the process can be quick or slow, experienced as difficult or easy, and is always different – either obviously so or in the details.

People may tells us what will happen, we may be familiar with any number of maps, something may have happened for us in the past, but the truth is that we don’t know until we go through it, and often not even then! As Byron Katie says, expectations is a plan, and when we have a plan, we may resist what doesn’t fit, and do our best – sometimes without noticing – to make it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The value in this particular story is that it can help us resist swings less, if they happen, and even support the reorganization of our human self – for as long as that is possible. It can make it a little easier for this human self.


Initial outline…

  • stitching together
    • who + what
      • realign/reorganize who we are, within context of what we are
      • one, then the other, in foreground – to notice (who+what), realign (who)

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