What is identification?


Some ways to explore identification…

What is taken as an I?

What is it that identifies?

And as with any inquiry, explore with some innocence and curiosity. Not knowing what is there, because we truly don’t know.

Whatever I find is another question.

Where is what is taken as an I located? In/around this human self? Which parts of the body? The head area? Somewhere else?

What is it made up of? Sensations? Images? Other sense fields?

What are those gestalts? A me? A doer? Observer? A separate I?

Then, what is it that identifies? Do I find anything? Nothing? Is it a thing? A no-thing? Awake?

Is it different from what is taken as an I?


I find that what is taken as an I is located in/around this human self, and especially the head area. It is a gestalt made up of sensations and images. (Or, rather, several gestalts… of me, a doer, an observer – all appearing as a separate I, as what I am.)

Then, what is it that identifies? Here, I find nothing at all. It is awakeness itself appearing as something that identifies, and as what it identifies as. It is all the play of awakeness itself. It is quite comical, and liberating, when it is seen.

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