Befriending reality


The process of growing and waking up is also a process of befriending reality. Of sincerely and honestly find what is more true for us than any story.

Reality is almost a dirty word in some circles, and rightly understandably so if it means to cling to stories as true, and it happens in the “I get it, you don’t” context.

But it can also be what is found through that sincere and honest exploration. What is more true for me than any particular story? How does it look for me to live from it?

I may find that when I find what is more true for me than any belief, there is a liberation. The story is liberated from being taken as true. Who I am is liberated from being limited by the identity created from that belief. What I am is liberated from being limited by that belief. As someone said, the truth will set you free.

And I may also find other things… and each of these stories are their own questions, and what they point to are their own beginnings of inquiry.

I may find that the natural wisdom and intelligence can function more freely when not bound by beliefs. I may find that living from this has its own grace. (And not nearly as scary as beliefs sometimes will tell me.)

I may find right here, in this human self, the qualities and dynamics I see in the wider world. I may notice that all my stories is an overlay, it is my own world of stories.

I may find that who I am is not limited by any set of identities, even if I try to make it so by taking those identities as exclusive.

I may find that what I am cannot be touched by any stories, just because it is so simple.


Initial outline…

  • befriending reality
    • not in the “I get it, you don’t” way, taking stories as true
    • but through sincere, honest exploration, receptivity, infused with don’t know

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