I enjoy noticing the different flavor of auras, especially since they tend to mirror experience.

For instance, when what we are is awake to itself, the aura is uniform throughout (no center-periphery difference), the aura is infinite (as it is for all of us), and all areas of the field are awake to itself. And this mirrors the experience of center dropping out, infinity, and awakeness awakening to itself throughout the field.

When what we are is not awake to itself, there is a clear center-periphery difference in the field, and many areas – including and especially those more in the periphery – are as asleep, dormant, not awake to itself.

I had a chance to take a look a the energy fields of the three main teacher at CSS a couple of weeks ago, when they sat next to each other. It was a good opportunity to explore some of the differences in flavor, even when what we are is awake to itself. For the senior teacher, there was a calm brilliance in the aura and the human self was thoroughly reorganized within the awakening. (As seen around/within the body.) Another had a softer and more flowing (yin) movements in his aura, which reflects his emphasis on the heart and working with emotions. And the most junior teacher had a great deal of luminosity in the aura, but the human self had not yet reorganized as much as it could. The brilliance was in the field around the body, but not yet within the body as much. (I also got the sense that the brilliance came largely from the breakthrough of awakening itself, and some – although less – from continued practices.)

I had the fortune of attending an event with the Shamarpa this last weekend, and took a glance at his energy field as well. As with others with a clear awakening, there was a uniform field (no center-periphery) and all areas of the field were alive and awake to itself. In his case there was a deep maturity throughout the field, an unusually bright luminosity (which may come from continued and frequent practice), and also a structure or pattern above his head which I realized is similar to the red hat he wears in ceremonies (it may be that he does visualization practices that create that particular structure there, I don’t know).

It is clear that the practices people engage in, whether before or after awakening, has a big impact on the energy field. When there is a stable awakening, it is without center-periphery and all areas are alive and awake to itself. Yet there are also a difference in flavor. It can be more yin (soft, flowing) or yang (brilliant, luminous), probably depending on whether the heart (compassion, kindness) or head (insight) is emphasized. It may be more or less luminous. And the thin layer around the body may be more or less bright and well defined, depending on whether or not the person engages in body-centered/inclusive practices such as yoga or chi gong.


Initial outline…

  • auras mirror experience
    • not awake: center-periphery + many areas in aura asleep to itself (periphery)
    • awake: no center + all awake to itself
    • flavors: yin, yang, stronger, weaker

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