Same timeless present


Here is one of the insights that can help release attachments (identification with stories that reality should be different than what it is)……

It is all happening within the same timeless present. 

My birth, death, right now, everything that has and will happen in my life, all happens within this timeless present. 

The birth of the universe, its evolution, its death, all happens within this timeless present. 

The birth, evolution and death of this living planet happens within this timeless present.

All of human history happens within this timeless present. 

Anything this human self wants and doesn’t want happens within this timeless present. 

And not only within this timeless present, but also as this timeless present.  This timeless present playing as form, always new, fresh, different. Always with the same taste, the taste of this timeless present. 

If this is taken as a belief, it doesn’t help. If it is taken as a question and pointer for own inquiry, for exploration of what is true in immediate awareness, it may be. 


Initial outline….

  • all happening w/in same timeless present
    • notice, help release attachments 

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