Some teachers and traditions talk about veils

As I explore it in my own experience, I find something that can be called veils and they are thicker, thinner and gone at different times. 

When I am identified with the me (this human self with its roles and identities in the world) and separate I (doer and observer), there is a stronger sense of a separate self in the world with an inside and outside and so on. The weils for what I am to notice itself is thicker. There is a sense of a greater distance between what I take myself to be (me) and reality (ground). 

The veil gets thinner as identification is released from the me, and yet remains as a doer and observer. The general sense of being a separate self weakens and softens. There may be less sense of an inside and outside. All may be recognized as God, or awakeness, no thing appearing as something. The remaining veil is that of a doer and observer, a center and periphery. There is still some separation between what I take myself to be and reality. (Copartnership with God, as Rumi calls it.) 

As what we are awakens to itself the veils falls away. The separate I gestalts (doer, observer) are recognized as content of experience and identification is released out of them. The sense of center-periphery and of a doer and observer falls away. Everything is recognized as always happening on its own, already and always awake, as the play of awakeness as form, and as no thing appearing as something. 


Initial outline….

  • veils
    • identification with gestalts, taking stories as true, taking what/who I am as something within content of experience
    • sense of veils as thicker or thinner
      • thicker
        • identification with me + separate I (doer/observer), often strong/unquestioned identification
        • stronger sense of a separate me + I, separate self in the world, inside and outside and so on
      • thinner
        • identification with doer/observer, less with me (roles/identities of human self)
        • less/softer sense of separate self, less sense of inside/outside, may still be sense of center-periphery
      • gone
        • what we are awake to itself, recognizing me + separate I as gestalts, content of experience, identification released out of them

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