Veils cannot cover up what we are, but they can cover up a recognition of what we are.

Those veils are created from identification with stories and content of experience.

And exploring these veils shows in a simple way how psychology and spirituality is really about the same thing, although sometimes with a different emphasis or a difference in how far we take it.

One way to explore veils is through inquiry. What happens when I take an image or a story as true? How does it limit my view of reality and my actions? What is the truth in its reversals? How would it be to live from those reversals? What happens when I notice images and stories as content of experience? What happens when I notice it comes and goes? Does veils and removal of veils come and go? What is it that does not come and go?

Another way is to allow experience with kindness, as it is and as if it would stay forever. When experience is allowed in this way, including any resistance that may be here, what happens? What do I find myself to be? (This can often be modeled by someone else, a friend, teacher, therapist.)

And yet another way is to live from what we find, with integrity. To live from relative and absolute truths, from what seems most sane, mature, wise and kind in the situations, and from what I really am and recognizing that no story is absolutely true.



  • veils
    • psychology and spirituality (same thing, only different emphasis or how far take it)
      • inquire into beliefs
      • allow experience w. kindness (sometimes modeled by others, f. ex. therapist)
      • live from it, with integrity (live from relative + absolute truths)

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