Noticing and identification


When I notice something – an emotion, story, sensation etc. – there is a softening or release of identification with it. I find myself as what notices, and less as what is noticed.

It is very simple, yet with a lot of complexity as well.

For instance, I may notice an emotion – allow it as it is, be with it. Yet, if that emotion is triggered by a story – as they often are – and I don’t notice that story, it means I am still identified with the story.

So whenever I notice an emotion, I can first allow that emotion as it is, with heart and kindness. And when look for the story behind it. Which story do I – somewhere – take as true, which triggers that emotion? Is that story true? What happens when I take it as true? Who am I without it? What is the validity in its reversals?

And going further, I may notice how what I take myself to be shifts from one place to another. Maybe from the initial emotion or story, then what is doing the noticing, the observer.

And I can notice that too as content of experience, as happening within and as what is – what I really am – as anything else. That too is not more or less what I am than anything else.

If anything, I am that which all happens within and as. Awake.

No thing allowing all appearances. Timeless allowing the appearance of time. No space allowing the appearance of space.

No “I” allowing the appearance of “I” overlaid on the image of a doer or observer.

No doer allowing the appearance of a doer. No observer, allowing the appearance of an observer.

No world allowing the appearance of a world.

No worldview, allowing the appearances of worldviews.

No sensation allowing the appearance of sensations.

No sound allowing the appearance of sound.



  • noticing and identifying as
    • when notice, soften identification with/as
    • when notice (reactive) emotion, may still be identified with the story triggering it

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