Dream: The cosmic is the cure for the mature human


I pass by a wise old man, and he delivers a string of sayings and pointers. One is “the cosmic is the cure for the mature human”.

This is the last segment of a long dream I don’t remember much of, and this saying was the last one of a long string of similar ones. I remember it only because I woke up just then.

The cosmic is the cure for the mature human.

This is a typical view in many traditions. First, make sure you mature as a human being. That will cure most of what ails you. Then, allow the cosmic to work on you. That will cure what remains.

And in this context, the cosmic means first a sense of belonging and connection with the larger whole – the universe or existence as a whole.

And then, a recognition in immediacy of the “I” as a doer or observer, is simply content of experience as any other content of experience. What is, notices itself as what it is. Awake. No-thing. Allowing all things. Inherently absent of and free of any “I”, apart from as an image that is sometimes identified with and sometimes not.

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