Dream: Adventures on Nesodden



I am visiting a friend on Nesodden. She lives in a beautiful house, in an equally beautiful location, but is thinking of selling it for something smaller and more appropriate to her life. After leaving in the evening, I end up on a long adventure with someone else. We arrive at one amazing and beautiful place after another. Amazing natural formations and rivers. Old and beautiful houses with a great deal of character.

Nesodden is probably my favorite place, with its natural beauty, its relative isolation yet close to Oslo, and its people who are often cultured, somewhat free spirited, and often have character.

This was also the atmosphere of the dream, yet even more so:

Earthy. Strong presence and atmosphere. Amazing beauty. A great deal of character.

I am also reminded that parts of the landscape looked like areas of Mount Roraima. And the dream as a whole seems to share the rugged and earthy beauty of that place.

It was a Big dream, and yet without a clear message in the story. The atmosphere seems far more important.

The dream may be telling me two things: First, allow that earthy character and beauty back in my life again. I have a strong attraction to it, and it was in my life far more when I lived in Norway earlier, and is now gradually returning. Then, allow my own earthy character to show more. I have trained myself to appear quite conventional and ordinary, holding back a great deal in how I appear in the world. Maybe it is time to let it come out a little more.

More from Mount Roraima:


, that earthy character mixed with culture and beauty.

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