Movie: The Hurt Locker



I saw The Hurt Locker a while ago. It is very well crafted. Shot and told in an apparently neutral documentary style. Suspenseful. Heartbreaking. Entertaining.

But it isn’t neutral of course.

The story may seem free of ideology. It may seem that the author and director missed an opportunity for commentary or including a message. And it is exactly in that neutral emptiness the message lies. War is meaningless, especially as experienced from the point of view of the soldiers, and especially this war.

I mostly wrote this post so I could use the amazing poster above, created by Tavis Coburn for BAFTA 2010.



I saw this a while ago so my memory of what came up for me then has faded some. But I do remember

– neutral, meaninglessness of war from soldiers view
– did miss an opportunity to look at the corruption before/during the war, but not the role of this movie – other movies do and will do that

– is war worth it? perhaps not.

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