Inquiry: I need resolution


Some beliefs around resolution and clarity.

I need clarity. I need resolution. I need to know what to do.

It’s not clear. It’s not resolved. I don’t know what to do.

I need to get my head above water. I don’t have my head above water.

Other people are more clear, know what to do, have their life together.

My thinking/actions need to be perfect. I need to transcend/go beyond my humanness.

If I don’t find clarity/resolution….

My life will get messy. People will be disappointed in/angry at me. My life will go downhill. I will make wrong/bad decisions.

My life can be messy/go downhill. It’s possible to make a wrong/bad decisions.



My life/things will get messy. People will get angry at me. (If I don’t find clarity/resolution.)

I need clarity before I can talk/have a conversation about it.

From an inquiry:

I don’t need clarity. (1) I know what to do now, and have a plan tomorrow, this coming week. (2) If life thought I needed it, I would have it. (3)

I need to not know: (1) It’s been a challenge for me in the past, so gives me an opportunity to work with it. (2) It may not be time to know, it may show itself later.




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