Everything is equal


Everything is equal. There is no this soul or that soul. There’s only one. And that’s the last story. There’s only one. And not even that. It doesn’t matter how you attempt to be disconnected, it’s not a possibility. Any thought you believe is an attempt to break the connection. But it’s only an attempt; it can’t be done. That’s why it feels so uncomfortable.
– Byron Katie

There is only God, that’s why all is equal. And even if I recognize that now, although with a few veils, that too is a story.

Life and death are equal. What comes up for me when I hear that? What resistant thoughts come up for me? What do I find when I look into these?

Some resistant thoughts: Life is better than death. I don’t want to die. Death is scary.

What I am most afraid of about death is…. I will suffer. I will be lost. I won’t know what will happen. I need to know what will happen. I need to have control. When I turn these around to life, I see that my fear of death is the same as my fear of life: I will suffer. I will be lost. etc.

In what ways are life and death equal? Can I find real, clear, simple and honest examples?

Some other pairs to look at in a similar way: Clarity and confusion. Illness and health. Gandhi and Hitler.

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