Effortless and built-in


What we find through natural rest is effortless and built-in.

We find that what’s here – this content of experience – is already noticed and allowed.

And that noticing and allowing is effortless and built-in.

It’s effortless because it’s built in to what we are. It’s built in to awareness. (Or whatever we chose to call it.)

In the beginning it may seem like it takes some intention and effort to notice and allow. That’s true, to some extent, since we go against the grain and old habits, including the habit of letting attention be absorbed into the content of stories rather than recognizing them as stories, and also letting attention be caught in the confusing bundle of images, words, and sensations rather than recognizing each component for what it is.

And yet, what we discover is that content of awareness is already noticed and it’s already allowed, and the noticing and allowing is effortless since it’s built in to awareness. And that awareness is here independent of its content.

The content may be what a thought calls clarity or confusion, pleasure or pain, ease or discomfort, alertness or tiredness, or whatever else we have words for. It doesn’t matter. It’s still noticed and allowed.

And there is a relief in noticing that. There is a sense of coming home.

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