About Me

About me

I was born and grew up in Norway and have lived many years in the US, and more briefly in Switzerland and England. I have a strong curiosity about the world and early on had a deep interest in and love for nature and life in general. Following an initial awakening experience in my teens, my path has been one of continuing to explore my own healing and awakening, and supporting others in the same.


I give sessions and have helped clients with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, compulsions and addictions, relating to health issues, and finding ones path in life. I can also help with navigating an awakening process. See testimonials from clients. The cost is sliding scale.

My background and some resources

I am a psychologist, a certified facilitator of the Living Inquiries, a certified Tension and Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) practitioner, a certified Breema practitioner and instructor, and a Vortex Healer. See posts on Living Inquiries, TRE, Breema, or Vortex Healing.

Here are some resources I have found helpful, some of my influences, a list of some of the books in my library, and a few old essays on eco-spirituality. Here are also some blogs about what’s happening currently in my life, autobiographical posts, and some music I listen to. For the sake of completeness, I’ll also include a link to my old blogs here. I also occasionally post some of my own photography.

About Mystery of Existence

This website – an exploration into the mystery of existence – reflects what is alive for me here and now. As with any other stories, maps, images, theories, and frameworks, anything here has a question mark after it, even if it doesn’t show up on the screen.

Also be advised that what I write comes from personal explorations and experiences. It’s inevitably colored or framed by existing traditions and maps, but these writings are typically not about these traditions or maps.

The best way to learn more about this website is to check out the most used tags in the sidebar or the tag cloud. Also, read an updated explanation of the URL absent of I, and the initial explanation from a while back.

Norwegian info

If you are Norwegian or Scandinavian, I have a bio in Norwegian and may also add more articles in Norwegian.

Contact me

Please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. I appreciate it and typically respond within a day or so.