Here is a list of resources I have found helpful.


Scandinavian books

  • Essence of Mind by Jes Bertelsen. Jes Bertelsen was a strong early influence for me. I highly recommend his books, although this is the only one (so far) translated into English.
  • Kristen Djupmeditasjon av Wilfrid Stinissen. Christian deep meditation. Stinissen’s writings on Christian meditation and the Jesus / Heart Prayer were also a strong early influence for me.
  • Jesusbønnen av Wilfrid Stinissen.

See more books in my Goodreads list.


Online Video

These are all clear, practical, to the point.


As any teachings, the ones listed here may be interesting or entertaining to read or listen to. And their true value comes when we take them as questions and pointers for our own investigation.

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