Dreams: My father is clear and spirited


My father is his real age, and his body and energy is clear, youthful, and spirited.

In real life, my father is showing signs of aging but otherwise doing well. In general, much of what we think of as associated with aging has to do with the accumulated effects of identifications and beliefs. Energy is tied up, muscles are chronically contracted, and the body stiffens up, and that takes its toll when it accumulates over the years.

In the dream, all of that was cleared up and he was youthful and enlivened.

I wonder if this reflects the work I am doing these days, and what’s being cleared up through the Vortex Healing. I have worked on a range of basic issues, including stuck energy in the shoulder area which is a characteristic of my family. I associate it with my father, and as the energy clears up in me (still in the process), it may be reflected in dreaming about my father having this clear and more vital energy.



What we associate with aging in our culture is not really about aging.

It’s what happens when the effects of certain habits and lifestyle accumulate over years and decades.

A bad posture has it’s effects on the body, and when this accumulates over long time it takes it’s toll, as does poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Whatever we do habitually accumulates over time.

At a quite basic level, unreleased tension and trauma has an effect on our body and mind, and this accumulates over days, weeks, years and decades.

And at an even more basic level, our beliefs create tension, rigidity and a certain lifestyle which also has effects that accumulates.

There is no reason we shouldn’t live a vibrant, alive and healthy life until death – whenever it may happen, if we move in the direction of being more alive, vibrant and healthy here and now.

For myself, I see I can do that through….

Inquiry, which helps release beliefs. TRE which helps release accumulated tension and trauma from my system.Yoga, Breema, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and other body-centered activities. Walks in nature. Spending nurturing time with friends. Mediation, prayer and clarifying intention. Finding and doing what makes me feel alive. And much more.

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