As part of my general education for myself, I studied astrology for a while in my teens. (As I studied anthroposophy, theosophy, and a lot of other things I knew I wouldn’t stick with long term. Even back then, I knew that the more traditional and straight-forward mystical streams within and outside of the main spiritual traditions were for me. Christian mystics, Taoism, Buddhism, Jung, Jes Bertelsen and so on.)

How did and do I see astrology?

First, the birth chart. The upside is that it can function as a projection object. I can find in myself what the chart describes in me. The downside is that it can leave a lot out, and I can overlook or downplay important elements. (Which is the case with anything that supposedly says something about who we are.)

If I wanted to create some sort of psychological profile for myself, certain personality tests (like the Big Five) seems more helpful to me. More importantly, the characteristics and qualities I see in the whole world are here in me. I see them out there because I know them from myself. The whole world is a mirror, and that’s more helpful to me. It’s juicy, alive, immediate. It’s something I can explore through any form of projection and shadow work, including inquiry.

Then, prognosis and influences at specific times of our life. The upside is that I may use certain time periods as an opportunity to focus on certain things in my life, to start projects, and so on. It may give me an extra nudge. The downside is that I may hope or think I know something about what will happen, and that I may follow what the astrology says more than what comes organically from my life, situations, and inner guidance. In the worst case, I may force myself into something that doesn’t feel quite right.

I prefer genuinely not knowing. Follow what organically comes out of my life and inner guidance. And do inquiry on my stressful beliefs about what may happen, what is happening, and what happened. That’s what makes pragmatic sense to me, feels juicy, alive, and rich, and gets to what I really want for myself.

And then there is the question of whether astrology works and is accurate or not. I don’t know. It would be a good topic for research (if it’s done well). In any case, I am – for one reason or another – not drawn to it and prefer other approaches.

I see that if I would be drawn to astrology, it would be to (think I) know something about myself, although I can more easily and effectively do that through working with projections. And it would be to (think I) know something about current and future influences on my life, and perhaps find a sense of safety in that knowing. Again, I prefer to follow my guidance and find a more genuine peace by investigating any stressful thoughts I have about anything.

I should mention that people approach and understand astrology in a multitude of ways. Many are aware of this and have found ways to use it that makes sense to them and perhaps even would make sense to me.

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