What’s most amazing: That anything exists at all


This life, planet, and universe is pretty amazing. It’s full of wonders.

And yet, what’s more amazing is that anything is at all.

How can it be that there is something rather than nothing?

That seems baffling and beyond understanding.

Note: If we are into non-duality and nitpicking about words, we can say that this something is really no-thing. It happens within and as what we are. It happens within and as what we could call awakeness. It’s not a thing. And yet, it’s still not nothing. And that doesn’t change how baffling it is that anything is at all, even if this anything is not a “thing” the way it appears when we don’t notice it’s all happening within and as awakeness.

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. – Albert Einstein
I have called this blog Mystery of Existence. In what way is existence a mystery, and in what way is it not? To me, it’s all a mystery. Any image I have of the world is just that, an image. Reality itself is not that. It’s also a profound mystery that anything exists at all, and that I – as awareness, this human self – am. And some things are – to some extent – less of a mystery. It’s all Spirit (awareness, awareness as form, capacity for all of it). There is identification with an image of me and I, or not. Certain things happens when a thought is taken as true (a sense of separation, fear, contraction etc.), and certain things happens when it’s released from being taken as true (love, kindness is more free to live through this life).

Marcel Marceau



It was an unforgettable experience to see Marcel Marceau live a few years back. More than almost anyone I can think of, he was able to remind me of the magic of everyday life, and evoke the wonder and awe of the innocent child that is still here in each of us – revealed when the grip on beliefs and identities are released for a moment.

In the receptive mind and heart is appreciation for life, as it is here and now. And we love those who remind us of that.