Bentinho Massaro: Trust that there is intention, benefit and purpose


Trust that there is intention, benefit and purpose behind everything that happens for you.

– Bentinho Massaro

A few things comes up for me on this topic:

This pointer is an antidote to a certain conventional view, (a) of seeing the universe as inherently meaningless, random and indifferent, and (b) not questioning our ideas of misfortune, unfairness, wrongness and so on. Taken as true, it can be a temporary and welcome comfort. Taken as a pointer, it can lead to helpful inquiry.

This pointer in itself has shortcomings, and is up for being questioned. Holding it as inherently true can lead to complacency, letting things slide, and not being a good steward of our life.

As usual, there are several layers here. I can find how the conventional view of misfortune and indifference is valid. I can find the validity in how there is intention, benefit and purpose behind everything that happens for me. I can find specific, real and honest examples of each. And I can find where all of these stories are an overlay, and not inherent in life.

Also, I remember how the intention and purpose behind everything seemed very clear and obvious to me during the initial awakening phase, as if a veil had fallen from my eyes. And then later how this too was recognized as stories.

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Bentinho Massaro: If you really wanted to be happy


“I want to be happy!”

Are you sure? Because if you really wanted to be happy, you would be happy.There must be something else you want more. Find out what it is, expose to yourself its ridiculousness, and you’ll be happy again.

– Bentinho Massaro
Here is a simple exercise: (a) What’s in my life that I am unhappy with or feels out of integrity? (b) What beliefs would create something like that? What are the underlying beliefs? (c) What do I find when I take these to inquiry?

Bentinho Massaro: By truly wanting it


Questioner: “HOW do I do it? (anything)”

BM: By truly wanting it.

Everything is accomplished by desire. Everything without exception. If whatever you think you want is not happening it’s because you don’t fully want it to happen yet. Once you want it (because you see the greatest benefit in it with all of your being) then it has already happened right there and then.

You will find that you get exactly what you want, exactly when you want it with the full 100% of your being. Not a minute sooner not a minute later. Your outside world reflects you perfectly.

So rest assured that if something isn’t happening, a part of yourself doesn’t want it to. So it’s great that it’s not happening!

Now it may either be a wiser part of your consciousness that doesn’t want it to happen yet, or simply a hidden belief that suggests if it does happen, you’ll have to face something unpleasant that you’d rather not see happening. Find out which part of yourself is preventing the manifestation or realization you long for.

If it’s a negative belief, you can resolve it by being present with it and showing it that there is nothing to fear. Then the manifestation or realization will happen.

If it’s your Higher (wiser) Self that doesn’t want it to happen, you simply trust it doesn’t want it to happen because it has something better in store for you that is not compatible with that desire being fulfilled. Perhaps the lessons you’re learning from not getting what you THINK you want, leads to an overall far greater fulfillment somehow, somewhen than if you received what you BELIEVE you want.

– Bentinho Massaro

One way to explore this is by holding satsang with the part of me afraid of a good life, afraid of having what I want.

And by holding satsang with the part(s) of me afraid of trusting my higher self, afraid of following my higher self.

I don’t need to know the exact beliefs behind it right away.

Bentinho Massaro: The fear of aloneness


Ironically, the way to free oneself from the fear of ‘being alone’ is to let go of the idea of ‘others’ fully, and re-awaken in one’s aloneness. Accept the notion that you, consciousness, will forever be alone… Sink into that sense of aloneness, deeper and deeper, without coming to any conclusions about what it is.

If you wish to realize what Aloneness truly is, and the freedom on the other side of that black hole, you need to let go of the idea that there are others in a world out there that will love you and be with you.

As you let go of that world-view and the fear of eternal aloneness dawns on you – because you are about to let go of the hope that others are a source of love… – let the fear for aloneness come, invite it in, knowing that it is a good sign for it means you are about to break free from it and dispel the illusions from your soul.

Let the fear in as much as you can. Don’t take it serious at all, but sincerely embrace it, invite it, see it, shine your light on it fearlessly, courageously…

And as this fear grabs you by the throat and reaches it boiling point within your embrace of it, within the light of awareness… It will start to disappear…

Suddenly, there is that timeless nothingness left… but the more one stays tuned to that timeless ‘aloneness’, the more one sees that it is this aloneness that contains all the potentials and all the manifestations of all the universes, all beings and all dimensions within it. Thus, this aloneness you feared turns out not to be aloneness, but All-One-Ness.

The only thing that caused fear, was the illusory thought that there even is such a thing as aloneness. That’s why you kept yourself so occupied with hope for ‘others’ to fulfill you.

But now you see, that all others out there, are but a few possibilities projected at any given time, out of this infinite pool of possibilities that lie within this Oneness.

You ARE the One that contains ALL THAT IS.

Everyone you ever met is a portion of you. In the heart of Self, no being is ever separate from another. Only the physical focus of consciousness allows for the illusion of separation to exist.

That’s why it’s such a wanted place. It offers catalyst for quantum leaps like no other dimension can. Suffer while you can. 🙂 Seeing it in this light, the suffering is embraced and as such, becomes sweet and unifying and healing, instead of separating and victimizing.

– Bentinho Massaro

Bentinho Massaro: Realization is endless


‘Realization’, ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Awakening’…

It can be valuable to be more specific. Realization isn’t just one thing, and it most of all isn’t an objective thing that everybody gets to in the same way, nor is the thing or realization itself the same for everyone. Enlightenment is subjective.

There are many types of awakening, many facets to the crystal of realization.

To figure out that it is handier to open your door’s lock with the key in your left hand instead of your right hand is a realization of the One Existence.

To understand that you are not separate from all of life, is a realization of the One Existence.

To intuit how – from the absolute view – nothing ever happened and nobody was ever here, is a realization of the One Existence.

So what are we talking about when we’re talking about Self-Realization, or Enlightenment? WHAT part of the Self did you realize? What facet of yourself did you experience? What part of the illusion did you celebrate by reflecting it back to consciousness?

Realization is endless. As long as there is experience taking place within your consciousness, there is going to be realizations. In this way, it is never-ending. Hence we sometimes refer to this as ‘the deepening.’

Since it’s endless, don’t worry about getting to the end, instead, enjoy your next realization to the fullest… squeeze it dry, be fully present to it, lose yourself in it. Submerge in the love of Realization. Whatever it is you are realizing, marvel at the inexplainable mystery of it all.

– Bentinho Massaro

Interview with Bentinho Massaro


I listened to this interview with Bentinho Massaro, and especially enjoyed the part from 1:05 on.

He talks, among other things, of the question, what if I can’t escape?

What if it will be this way for the rest of life? How can I then find peace with it? How can I be OK with this?

And at 1:22 he talks about a fearlessness of experience, allowing emotions and experiences their life.

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