May my life be for the benefit of all beings


During the initial awakening phase, this was a daily and ongoing prayer:

May my life be for the benefit of all beings.

And during the next phase, the dark night, it went in the background. My resources went more to my own immediate concerns, and that’s very understandable.

Now, it seems to gradually come back.

May my life be for the benefit of all beings.

It’s a natural wish. It’s the other side of the coin of wishing to live from clarity and love. It’s what tends to happen when I live more from clarity, sincerity, and love. And it feels much better to find love and well wishing for myself, others and the world.

And it’s also a natural wish when it’s all seen as a seamless whole.

Finding love for others is finding love for myself. Anything I see in others is something I can find in myself. So why not find love for it? Not finding love is painful and creates separation, finding love feels nurturing, is freeing, and gives me a sense of coming home. More practically, by finding love for my own images, thoughts, emotions and sensations, there is a natural love for the wider world.

My images of the world is – in a very real sense – my world, the world as it appears to me. These are the images I live with, and the world I live with. So why not wish the best for these images? Why not find love for them, as they are?

What I am is what the world – what thought may call inner and outer – happens within and as, and that includes any image or sense of an I, and identification with this or not.

In addition, the prayer helps me notice any resistance to it, welcome this resistance, see it comes from an innocent wish to protect me and love, and notice and perhaps inquire into any beliefs here and find what’s more true for me. And these beliefs may be that it’s better to live for the benefit of all beings, that it’s possible, that it’s not possible, that something terrible will happen if I do, that I am not up to it, etc.

This prayer also helps me explore my own images and thoughts of what I see as helpful and not, perhaps take a closer look at them, and notice that reality is free of any of these assumptions.

Bodhisattva attitude


A Bodhisattva is one who, motivated by great compassion, has a spontaneous wish to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings, and who becomes dedicated to their ultimate welfare.

This is what naturally happens as …. (a) All is recognized more clearly as Spirit. (b) There is more clarity on thoughts. And/or (c) there is more familiarity with the dynamics of the mind and the effects of finding this intention. If this intention is not clear, conscious and have sunk in, it’s because it’s temporarily obscured by beliefs, and this is painful. As it is more clear, or even if there is just a wish for it to be more clear, it feels like a relief, like coming home. It’s peaceful.

This intention or wish – for all beings to find liberation, for Spirit and love to awaken to itself in and through all beings, happens in two ways, and they are really the same.

It’s towards the beliefs happening here – the wounds, reactive emotions, and the beliefs these originate from. These beliefs surface with an invitation for them to be seen, felt and loved. With an invitation for them to be seen through. With an invitation for these thoughts to be liberated from being taken as true. With an invitation for it all to be recognized as love, and seen in the context of all as Spirit.

And it’s towards any being in the world. Here too, there is an invitation to see them and everything in them and their life as love, as Spirit. There is an invitation to be available to them in whatever way seem most appropriate and helpful. To meet them where they are. To be generous with our own experience and insights if they ask for it.

And those two are really the same. Whether it’s confusion or pain in me or in someone in the world, it’s a part of my field of awareness that’s not yet quite clear. Love haven’t yet awakened to itself as love right there. Spirit hasn’t yet awakened to itself as Spirit right there.

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