Becoming like children


Unless you turn and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of God.
[Mark 10:15]

Some of the ways I find myself more childlike…

  • Exploring the sense fields, and the simplicity of noticing what arises in each, how thoughts combine with the others to create gestalts, and how these gestalts are as ephemeral and insubstantial as thoughts themselves when this is seen, and appear very substantial and real when this is not seen.
  • Learning to trust what is really here, what I notice and discover through simple practices such as the headless experiments.
  • The simplicity of finding myself as awareness, and all that arises as awareness.
  • Receptivity of the three centers – view, heart and belly.
  • Finding the genuine truths in accusations, joining in with the other.
  • Saying yes or no from clarity.
  • Not having to defend the truth in any story, nor defend against the truth in any story.
  • Making a fool of oneself, through acting from what is alive here now. (As i do with this blog.)
  • See thoughts as thoughts.
  • See thoughts as tools for this human self to orient and function in the world, and having no value beyond that.
  • Not knowing. See thoughts as tools only.
  • Willing to be wrong. Exited to be wrong, to move out of familiar views and identities.