When I take stories as true, there is a sense of struggle. Of something being off. Of working against situations, at least slightly.

And what this sense of struggle comes from has several aspects…

There is a clash between my stories of what is and what should be.

There is a clash between what I (try to) take as true, and what I – somewhere – know is more true. (Grain of truth in the reversals, no story is really true, and cannot know.)

And there is a clash between what I take as true, and the layer of wisdom and intelligence.

When it can function more freely, this layer of wisdom and intelligence uses stories as tools, draws on whatever is available (stories, experience, insight, kindness, intuition), and offer direction and a course of action. But I may be so caught up in beliefs in general that attention is not available to this layer. Or I may be caught up in particular beliefs and fears that prevent me from noticing or acting on the directions from this layer of wisdom.

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