The world as a dream


I recently answered a set of questionnaires connected with a course using tools from different spiritual and psychological traditions.

One of the questions was (paraphrased): do you experience the world as unreal, as a dream?

Do you experience the world as unreal, as a dream?

In a psychological context, I would answer no since a “yes” could be taken as a symptom of schizophrenia. I don’t experience the world as unreal in that way.

In a spiritual context, or in the context of a spiritual emergence or emergency, the answer would be “yes”. The world is revealed as consciousness (Spirit, love), as insubstantial, as a dream. The world and dreams both happen as and within consciousness.

Although the questionnaire was presented as part of a course using spiritual tools, I did answer “no” since the questionnaire itself was clearly a standard psychological one.

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Dreams: My father is clear and spirited


My father is his real age, and his body and energy is clear, youthful, and spirited.

In real life, my father is showing signs of aging but otherwise doing well. In general, much of what we think of as associated with aging has to do with the accumulated effects of identifications and beliefs. Energy is tied up, muscles are chronically contracted, and the body stiffens up, and that takes its toll when it accumulates over the years.

In the dream, all of that was cleared up and he was youthful and enlivened.

I wonder if this reflects the work I am doing these days, and what’s being cleared up through the Vortex Healing. I have worked on a range of basic issues, including stuck energy in the shoulder area which is a characteristic of my family. I associate it with my father, and as the energy clears up in me (still in the process), it may be reflected in dreaming about my father having this clear and more vital energy.

Dream: Martin Luther King, and a blind bus driver


I was in Oakland and Martin Luther King was giving a speech at a church. He hadn’t been seen in public for decades. I came early, and was shown a secret entrance to the area where he was going to speak from. I was almost next to him. It turned out he didn’t give a speech but had us all do something practical for the community instead. Everyone were genuinely delighted. Afterwards, I got a ride with a blind black bus driver. The ride went well and I thought it was great that blind people could drive.

This dream had the luminous sense some dreams have, and nearly the qualities of what Jung called a “big” dream. It was amazing to get to be close to Martin Luther King, especially since he had been out of the public eye for so long. (Of course, the reason – in waking life – is that he has been dead for that long. But he wasn’t dead in the dream.) I really liked that instead of talking, as everyone expected him to, he had us all do something practical for the community instead. We were all surprised and delighted by it at the same time. It was also great to get a ride with a blind bus driver! (Again, in waking life that may happen in not too long with self-driving cars and buses.)

Day residue: A couple of days ago, I read that when Martin Luther King died, he had the heart of a sixty year old (he was early fourties), most likely from the stress. It was a reminder that people like him do what they do in spite of the fear and discomfort, not because they don’t experience any. Also, have spent the last several weeks in the Bay Area which is probably why this happened in Oakland.

Finally, as I write this, I hope that Trump will stimulate more people like Martin Luther King to come forward, and that many of us can find that in us like him and live from it – at whatever scale it may be.

Dream: Wizard training


Two wealthy people encourage me to use my abilities in their service. I refuse, and after a while, they realize I won’t change my mind.

I am then offered to stay indefinitely in a beautiful old and large house with others with similar abilities so we will have the opportunity to develop our abilities undisturbed.

This dream reflects my daily life and concerns these days. I have worked with clients using Vortex Healing, and I have seen the temptation to do it mainly for money. It doesn’t make sense to me since I want to do it to support people and for their benefit. (That’s also what will benefit me the most.)

Also, I am not really working these days and am housesitting for a few weeks (taking care of a dog in Hayes Valley in San Francisco, and then several horses in Southern Oregon). A part of me is slightly bothered by it. But, as the dream showed me, I do have an opportunity to explore Vortex Healing, work with clients (by donation or as a gift), and work on myself.

Dream: Boat going down


I am concerned about the safety of a group of children. They are on a boat that seems unsafe. As they get close to the shore, it starts rapidly filling with water. I am floating above the boat without a physical body, so I call out loudly to the people on the shore to come and help. Earlier in the dream, I had a body and was talking and interacting with people in the group the children were from. I knew many of them.

In the dream, there was an urgency in wishing to save the children. And it reminded me of the contrast between the strong sense of desire and passion I used to have and the lack of it I am experiencing now. There is a sense of nostalgia and wish for it to return in some form. (It slowly went away during the dark night, and especially after the CFS. For a while, the only sense of urgency was around surviving.)

Update: This dream happened a few days into my housesitting in San Francisco. Some weird things happened in the apartment (occasional strong sense of presence in the kitchen area, sounds from the kitchen at night – water running, dishes moving, sounds of a rubber ball bouncing on the floor etc., the dog bolting up and barking at the kitchen at night) and I did some research on the site. It turns out there was a large orphanage there for about 70 years in the 1800s and early 1900s. I wonder if there was a connection with this and the content of the dream. The “hauntings” – or whatever they were – disappeared after I and a couple of other vortex healers cleared the space. The apartment has been quiet since.

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Dream: Bleeding


I am in a setting where I am supposed to duel other people. I die of blood loss, over and over. The initial duel was with guns, the later ones with swords and other weapons. In the last scene, a young woman and I had both had one of our feet cut off. I help her first then she helps me with tying the leg off and reduce the bleeding.

In the dream, I fade out (die) from the blood loss and then it restarts. This is an unusual dream for me, and I cannot remember any similar ones. I stayed in an unfamiliar house and bed this night, at an Airbnb in Los Angeles. The house was built in the early 1940s and I wonder if a WW2 veteran lived there and I picked up on some of his experiences and recurrent nightmares. I did sleep in what was the master bedroom at that time. (I didn’t know any of this until the morning after.) I have had experiences in the past where I slept in an unfamiliar bed and seemed to pick up on experiences and traumas of the person who usually sleeps there. These dreams have a very distinct feel to them, and this dream had those characteristics.

Some additional things that come to mind: The dream may also have to do with “dying to my old self”, in other words loosening the grip on old and familiar identities. Similar to Groundhog Day, as I went through the cycles of dueling and fading out, there was a shift from fear and panic to calmness and practical empathy. The dueling may have come up since I am relearning to stand up for myself and my needs, after some years of being knocked out by the fatigue and also ignoring my needs in important areas of life, and that does bring up a fear of conflicts in me. Sometimes, it does feel like dueling.

Dream: Befriending fear


I see clearly how I perceive everything as a threat, sank into it, and my relationship to it changed completely. I befriended it, and it became sweet and blissful.

For the last several days, I have been more acutely aware of how I perceive everything as a threat (at a certain level). I have explored the sensation part of it, as well as looked at some related images (dark overlay over everything) and words (“dread”). In the dream, I could see this more clearly, something gave in me so it was completely allowed and I sank into it, and something shifted. The dream gave me (another) taste of how it can be, and it’s as always an ongoing exploration.

What are my fears of allowing these fears? What’s the worst that can happen? And the worst that can happen if that happens?

How would it be to allow it as it is? How would it be to sink into it?

How does my mind create the sense of threat? What sensations, images, and words make it up?

How does my mind create a sense of someone threatened? What are the sensations, images, and words making it up?

How is to isolate out the sensations and feel these as sensations? Resting with it? Staying with it? Noticing associated images and words, but not paying them too much attention until later?

How is to feel the sensations of the fear of the fear? The resistance to feeling and allowing the fear more fully?