Scott Kiloby: Conscious Embodiment


It is well worth it to explore embodiment, to move from identification with the physical body to a sweet and loving inclusion of the entire bodily experience, without identifying with it anymore. Dare I say, it is blissful to take awakening that deeply. If you see that as a carrot, just notice the seeking behind that thought. That seeking is an escape route. Question it. I’m just sharing my experience. Not trying to indulge more seeking and projection.

– Scott Kiloby in Conscious Embodiment

Transcendence vs embodied


This is what many talk about these days, but it may still be worth a quick mentioning:

The initial awakening or opening is usually a transcendence. The center of gravity shifts from the human self to Big Mind/Heart (Buddha Mind, Spirit etc.), and it also seems that many of the old patterns of the human self goes dormant for a while. This may last from a few seconds or minutes to years or even decades. (10+ years for me.) And some portion of the old human patterns may heal and reorganize through this, again with a wide range from very little to a moderate amount to a great deal. (A moderate amount for me.)

Then, the rest of the human self wants to join in. The parts of the human self not yet aligned with love and clarity surface to align, and this includes wounds, trauma, and any other patterns formed through beliefs and identifications. Again, there is a wide range in how this is experienced. It can take a short or long time, and it can be easy or tremendously difficult. How it plays itself out may depend on degree and intensity of what’s left, how deep and thorough the process is, and how much struggle there is to this healing process.

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Global and local recognition


As with so much else, this can be discovered “globally” or “locally”. It can be seen as if from the outside of what’s here – the emotion, image, thought, sensation –  even if all is recognized as the same. And it can be recognized from within what’s here, by that part itself. For me, this is a quite interesting exploration now. Again, a thought may say that one feels more transcendent (head center, yang), and the other more embodied and immanent (belly center, yin), and that doesn’t really matter.
– from a previous post

It’s interesting for me to notice that during the initial awakening phase, there was more of a head center recognition of the nature of reality. It was more transcendent and global.

Now, there is an invitation for a more embodied and immanent recognition of the nature of reality, as this reveals itself to itself. A recognition from the perspective of whatever part of me is here and in awareness, a subpersonality and part of my psyche. And this happens when I, as Pamela Wilson suggests, hold satsang with these parts of me. This feels more related to the belly center, and I also notice that love (heart) makes it all gentler and simpler.

When I hold satsang for a part of me in this way, the global and local and the heart are all here.