Meme & cartoon reflections I


I thought I would start a series of notes on memes and cartoons relating to healing and awakening. I’ll include the memes themselves and links to the cartoons.


Yeah, I’m just alone with my demons, but it turns out they’re actually good company.

– a pandemic-isolation cartoon by Brooke Bourgeois in the New Yorker, May 4, 2020

I have found that too. Because of the chronic fatigue syndrome, I have been put in a retreat-like situation and I have had to face my demons. It’s not always easy and I have often wished it wasn’t that way, but it turns out that the demons are not bad company when I get to know them better.

In reality, they are just scared little parts of me. Parts created when I was little and didn’t know how to deal with situations apart from creating these parts to protect me. The demons are protectors. They are here to protect me. And by getting to know them, they are revealed as something else than demons. They are innocent and come from innocence. They are like scared children who needs love, safety, to be held, to be understood.

Running away from them, they become demons. Meeting them and getting to know them, they are revealed as something else.

In what sense are they good company? They are good company in that they are already me and closer than close to me. They are fascinating to get to know. And they are ultimately revealed as consciousness, love, and even – if that’s a word in our vocabulary – the divine.

This cartoon shows a woman talking on the phone at home, with demons around a table enjoying a game of Jenga.

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