Meredith Monk: Songs of Ascension


I understand why spirituality is sometimes associated with ascension. And yet, the opposite is equally true for me, and one leads to the other.

Here is one way to look at it:

Ascension has to do with whatever we may see as good and desirable in life and ourselves – awakening, clarity, Big Mind/Heart, Christ (and if I am a bit more confused, I may include joy, bliss, passion). Descension has to do with what’s left, and specifically what’s left out of our conscious identity, what in me and life is seen as “not good”, shadow, confusion and beliefs.

One leads to the other. Life invites me to include both in my view and experience of who and what I am. Life invites me to question my beliefs about up and down, and what’s included and excluded from my image of who and what I am. (Some beliefs: Up is better than down. Clarity is better than confusion. Awakening is better than delusion. Comfort is better than discomfort. I am smart/good. I am stupid/bad.) And then there is the question: what already includes both up and down? Am I content of experience, which always shifts? Or am I that which experience happens within and as?

One leads to the other. Going up shifts into down – it brings up anything in me that’s not aligned with Spirit, inviting it to be seen, loved, healed and more consciously aligned with Spirit or reality. And going deep into the shadow and beliefs with some guidance and wisdom (allowing feelings, inquire into beliefs), tends to reveal clarity, peace, love.

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