Alignment with reality


Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable.
– Anthony de Mello

Reality (God, Spirit, love) already allows and shows up as whatever is here.

So when reality awakens to itself, it awakens to itself as what is.

Life sometimes shows up as illness, poverty, loss of loved ones, war, torture, hunger, thirst, pain, death. How is it to align with what’s here? How is it to find willingness for this to happen? How is it to look forward to this to happen? Asking myself these questions, I may identify resistant beliefs which I then can take to inquiry.

As Byron Katie says, it may happen, so I may as well find that willingness. I may as well find where I look forward to it.

For me, it’s been quite sobering to realize that this is where the process goes. This is the invitation. This is where life invites me to go. And it can also be quite scary. I scare myself since I have beliefs – often at an emotional level – about good and bad, right and wrong, life and death, and who and what I am. And these ideas inevitably are at odds with life as it shows up. They are smaller and more exclusive than life itself, so they will sometimes be in opposition to reality.

One help here is to identify and inquire into (a) my stressful beliefs apparently in opposition to reality, and also (b) my beliefs about what’s real.


Reality knowing itself vs experience


A simple reminder for myself:

There is an important difference between (a) reality knowing itself and (b) experience.

Reality already (i) allows and (ii) appears as any and all experiences, and this is what awakens to itself. It awakens out of the identification as a separate I. And since it already allows and appears as any and all experiences, it can recognize itself independent of (through/in) any and all experiences and states.

While there is identification as an “I” there may still be glimpses and direct knowing of this reality, although it is filtered through this identification. So the recognition of all as God (awareness) is filtered to appear as unity, all as God yet experienced by an I. Also, since there is identification as something within experience, there may at first be the mistaken belief that awakening has to do with states, and specifically the initial side effects of recognizing all as God – such as bliss, joy, insight, inspiration, passion, perhaps seeing auras etc. These side effects happen just because of the relief inherent in glimpsing reality, and since they are experiences, they pass too. As they pass, there may be a sense of loss and dryness. Since God was mistaken for states, when the states pass it may appear that “God” is lost too. The next phase is for reality awakening to itself and out of identification as an I.