Taking any story as true


Sometimes, “the story of I” is mentioned as the most basic veil between our perception and reality.

As always, this is a question and invitation for own explorations.

The first I find is that there are no veils in the story of I. There can be images of an I here – a distinct observer or doer – and those can be identified with or not. It is only when there is a story saying “this is what I am”, and it is experienced as real and true, that there is a veil. And that veil is fine too – it’s just another way life and Spirit temporarily experiences and explores itself.

The second I find is that it is really even simpler than this. Any belief creates identification as an I with an Other.

Any story has a viewpoint, and as soon as the story is taken as real and true, there is identification with the viewpoint of the story. And that’s how identification as an I with an Other is created. There is identification as the viewpoint, and anything that doesn’t fit becomes Other. The validity in the reversals of the story, and other alternative stories, is ignored. And that I don’t really know is also ignored.

This makes it simpler and more immediate. A story appears. It is taken as true and there is identification as an I with an Other. It is recognized as a story – with pragmatic value only – and there is a release of that identification.

And that happens whether there is a story of a “stable awakening” or not. That too is just a story.

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The I story as one packet


As I become more familiar with the story of I and its consequences, it is more easy to recognize it all as one packet.

The consequences of the I story – beliefs, reactive emotions, compulsive actions – are all, in a very real sense, the I story itself.

And as I explore the dynamics around this and see and feel how it is all tied together, any expression of the I story is more easily recognized as the I story. It’s the same familiar dynamics.

And this allows the I story to soften, become more transparent, self-liberate.

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