High and low


Life hunts high and low.

Life hunts high and low to weave together all of who (a human being) and what (Spirit) we are.

Life hunts high and low to remind itself it’s already that which allows and is all of it.

I go high – into an expanded state, cosmic consciousness, bliss, love, release. It offers me a new perspective, a release out of old identities.

I go low – into a contracted state, shadow material, beliefs. It offers healing and the possibility to see through identifications.

There is neutrality – what already allows and is it all notices itself. The ground recognizes itself.

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Going into the shadow


Here is a pretty common process:

We go about our lives, identified as a human being and an I.

What we are glimpses itself.

And the parts of ourselves not aligned with the previous point surfaces to be seen, felt and loved allowing them to align.

It’s not a fun process, but it’s necessary if what we are is to live through and as this human, awake to itself.

How can we align ourselves with this process?

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Even keel through shifts


I notice shifts between three different states.

The first is into wounds, beliefs and hangups. A belief surfaces to be seen, felt, loved.

Another is into what I am, into Big mind. The veils are thinner. It’s easier for what I am to notice itself.

And yet another is a release from either, just ordinary life.

Each of these is an invitation to see, feel and find appreciation for what’s here. An invitation to befriend experience and stories, notice I am what happens and inquire into stories.

These shifts are also an invitation to find a more even keel throughout states, and one way to do that is to befriend experience and inquire into stories – especially those saying something is not OK.

And these shifts is an invitation to notice what I am throughout states. Content of experience changes – what is it that does not change?

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