The Dark Night of the Soul & The Wisdom of No Escape


A typical aspect of the Dark Night of the Soul is a sense that it will never end, or a conviction it will not end.

It’s impossible to imagine it ending. There is no way out. This boundless torture and suffering will always be here.

And that seems to be part of the process.

It’s as if life sets up an inner and outer situation where we see no way out. So our only option is – eventually, often after much struggle – to face what’s here right in front of us. To face that in us that seems really scary. To turn towards that which we may have spent a lifetime running away from and avoiding at all cost.

This situation is sometimes combined with chronic fatigue (as in my case) or other illnesses so we are confined to our bed or house, are isolated, and unable to engage in social or other activities.

In other words, we are strongly encouraged to find the wisdom of no escape.

This is a type of monasticism. We can even see it as a “forced” or amplified monasticism.

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