Adyashanti: When your ‘yes’ becomes unlimited, there’s profound silence


When your ‘yes’ becomes unlimited, there’s profound silence.

– Adyashanti, Silent Retreat Vol.62, Asilomar Dec 2017, Q&A

What does it mean that our YES is unlimited?

It means there is a yes in us to whatever is here, whatever our experience happens to be. There is always this yes, we are always this yes since our nature allows whatever experience is here. The yes Adya talks about is a yes that comes from this recognition.

Where does the silence come from?

When there is a no in us to our experience, there is struggle, and struggle feels noisy. So when the struggle rests, there is silence.

Also, when the struggle rests, it reveals the profound silence we already are and the profound silence all our experiences – including the apparently busy and noisy ones – happens within and as.

And how can our YES become unlimited?

One is to notice the yes already inherent in life and us. The nature of life, existence, consciousness, and what we are is to allow whatever experience is here. There is already a yes to it all. When we notice it, we can align with this yes more consciously.

The other is to reorient to our experiences through heart-centered practices, and also investigate any no in us and where it’s coming from – and invite in healing and resolution for it.

These two go hand-in-hand and mutually support each other.

Saying yes


Can I say yes to this?

– 0 –

How would it be to say yes to what’s here?

To the person I am with, the experience that’s here?

(And, of course, that  internal yes to the person can come out in the form of a an external “no” to any particular request.)

– 0 –

What happens when I say an internal no to what’s here?

What happens when I say yes to what’s here?

What fears and beliefs does this bring up?

What do I find when I look into these?

– 0 –

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The shift into a yes


Through inquiry, there is a shift into a YES around whatever the topic is about.

And there is a sense – or glimpses – of a deeper YES to whatever happens as well. A shift into a deeper trust, deeper sense of not knowing, and a deeper knowing that whatever NOs surface are there to be seen, felt and loved. They reflect a temporary belief, not reality.

There seems to be always new layers here.