Saying yes


Can I say yes to this?

– 0 –

How would it be to say yes to what’s here?

To the person I am with, the experience that’s here?

(And, of course, that  internal yes to the person can come out in the form of a an external “no” to any particular request.)

– 0 –

What happens when I say an internal no to what’s here?

What happens when I say yes to what’s here?

What fears and beliefs does this bring up?

What do I find when I look into these?

– 0 –

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The shift into a yes


Through inquiry, there is a shift into a YES around whatever the topic is about.

And there is a sense – or glimpses – of a deeper YES to whatever happens as well. A shift into a deeper trust, deeper sense of not knowing, and a deeper knowing that whatever NOs surface are there to be seen, felt and loved. They reflect a temporary belief, not reality.

There seems to be always new layers here.