This has been a day of unsticking.

I committed early on in my life to not become stuck: To recognize the signals of when I may be stuck (when I automatically reject something that may be a good idea), and to learn how to unstick myself.

I am still too young to have encountered my stuckness in very obvious ways (to me!), but the Universe is now offering me many new opportunities to unstick – all challenging and also attractive.

I am beginning a class in dynamic systems theories from ProtoTista, and may get involved in other ways too. I have explored systems theories and their implications since my teens, but this opens up the possibility of deepening my involvement in how to apply the lessons from systems theories in my life and work. It also opens up for the possibility of helping create multimedia to convey the lessons from these fields.

Earlier today, I had a conversation about new ways of looking at social/cultural change and information, taking my own ideas quite a bit further. I am committed to exploring it further, including the use of Open Source tools in social/cultural change, and how the Open Source view can inform social organization.

This evening, I had dinner with the folks at Walnut Street Co-op today, including Tom and Adin from the Co-Intelligence Institute. This was followed by a meeting with local faciliators. I will help organize one or more citizen’s councils/jurys with the two groups.

I may also do a dynamic facilitation training in March.

Tomorrow night is my first evening in a course in compassionate communication, another area I have explored on my own up until now.

All this is aligned with my deeper worldview and interests, but also takes me into partly uncharted territory.

I have found that my life takes on wholly new characteristics each time I move. In Norway it was art and spirituality. In Utah psychology, Zen practice and living in an intentional community. In Madison sustainability and grassroots organizing. In Eugene, it is still working itself out. For now, it is a combination of collaborative approaches to culture change, with aspects from group deliberation facilitation, communication techniques, ecological design, permaculture, complexity theories, spiritual practice, and more.

In any case, the new situation helps me unstick and flow…

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