Online Audio & Text

Some of the online audio I currently listen to:


BBC World Service – mostly solid news reporting
NRK – Norwegian news and in-depth reporting
As it Happens – Canadian perspective


To the Best of Our Knowledge – stories on a theme from Wisconsin Public Radio
This American Life – Deeply human stories on a theme
The America Project
Hearing Voices
Third Coast Audio Festival

And what I read:

Google News – world news from a range of news sources (good opportunity to compare reporting)
The Guardian – British newspaper
BBC – World News
New York Times
NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation
Dagsavisen – Norwegian newspaper

BBC and NY Times both have a strong “modern” bias in the Cultural Creatives terminology: Belief in salvation through scientific progress, strongly supportive of neo-liberalism (and disparaging towards its critics) etc. BBC is sometimes surprisingly patronizing when reporting from former British colonies.

Independent/Noncorporate Sources

Common Dreams New Center
Independent Media
One World


United Nations News
Outlook India – range of international views
IPS News – international news
Islam Online – Islamic views
Al Jazeera – Arabic view on world news


Yes Magazine
Mother Jones
Linux Journal

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